Book Subscription

Book Subscription

Our Trust publishes the monthly spiritual magazine, “Gnana Thiruvadi” It is above all castes and religions aimed at promoting spiritual thoughts and process in its readers. It carries our Gurunathar’ s discourse materials, spiritual explanations for Avvaiyar’s Aathi Chudi etc., it will be a rare collection for spiritual aspirants and a great value in their lives.

  • 1 Year


    Rs. 120.00 for 1 year 12 Issues

    Advanced yourself towards Enlighten.  

  • 2 Years


    Rs. 240.00 for 2 years 24 Issues

    Advanced yourself to study existential spectrum of "Life & Death".

  • 3 Years


    Rs. 350.00 for 3 years 36 Issues

    Advanced yourself to understand the play of profound inner experience.

Gnanathiruvadi Book itself means Holy feet of Siddhas.

Gnanathiruvadi reveals the truth of Siddhas who have conquered death and birth and become enternal and immortal. Buying reading and gifting this book would help us to get people who like this book. It is believed that we would get the if we keep this book in our house. We are blessed to have this book which reveals the veracity of spiritual discourses and hidden secreats in lay man language. This book is Gracious Gift from God to this world

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