What we do

Food Donation

What is closest to the heart of the Saints is Feeding the poor (annadhanam) it is no wonder that our Gurunathar commenced annadhanam as early as 1976 at Thanjavur Big Temple where He was spiritually initiated by His Guru Saint Karuvoorar. Every Chitra Pournami day (first full moon day of every Tamil Calendar year) witnessed thousands of people being fed inside Thanjavur Big Temple. Gurunathar commenced annadhanam at Ongarakudil in 1988. Started with feeding just five people, to date about 200 Million people have been fed. Suitable infrastructure also developed to meet this requirement. Ongarakudil complex houses three full-time dining halls and two additional dining halls put to use, whenever need arises.

Food Serving at villages

Feeding the poor does not stop with Ongarakudil. Thuraiyur town is surrounded by over 500 villages and people of these villages once upon a time thrived on flourishing agriculture, weaving, cattle farming etc., It is not the case anymore due to continuous failure of monsoons year after year. So, the poverty level is very high in these villages. With no income, and living farther away from Ongarakudil, villagers were unable to travel to Ongarakudil. Gurunathar felt the need to take food to their doorsteps. Our volunteers carry food everyday evening to 5-6 villages and distribute to the villagers. It is a sight to be seen as Gurunathar’ s mercy on these villagers is so explicit and overwhelming that they turn up in huge numbers, queue up without any murmur and quarrel, collect food for their families. Our inquiries reveal a pathetic fact that they use this food for two meal times for dinner and next day’s breakfast.

Eye Camp

Saints stress on service to people in any possible manner. One such effort is screening the elders and villagers for major eye diseases like Cataract, Glaucoma etc., In association with Rotary Club and Sankara Hospital-Coimbatore, quarterly eye camp held in our premises. Ongarakudil provides space, admin and through suitable advertisement in villages and Thuraiyur town help draw they, patients. After screening, patients are taken by these voluntary agencies to Coimbatore for surgery and other treatment. People who come to camp fed by Ongarakudil during this course.

Acupuncture Camp

The Acupuncture camp conducted by Pathanjaliar Acu Centre- Chennai, sends their team of doctors to give free treatment to those who attend the camp. Ongarakudil provides space, admin and through suitable advertisement in villages and Thuraiyur town help draw they, patients.

Ambulance Service

Our ambulance service provided at nominal tariff to the poor who could not afford high rentals to a regular ambulance service for shifting the patients.

Animal Feed

Cattle of the villages especially cows provide a small income to the villagers in Thuraiyur Taluk. However, due to dry conditions, feeding them has been a nightmare to the owners. Only another option to them is to sell them for slaughterhouses. To prevent this, our Gurunathar advised His disciples to feed the cows wherever possible. Our vans carry grass bundles and distribute them in the nearby villages.

Kudil Function

Daily feeding at Ongarakudil is to about 6000 people. Gurunathar arranges monthly full moon day prayers and few other annual celebrations to enable people to worship Sages and Saints. During these functions larger number turns out to people numbering up to 15,000 assemble for prayers and special food is given on those days.

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